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Getting started with Bristle? Here's how to:

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Log in

You can log in to the dashboard through, where you'll see a webpage like the one below. Once you arrive, type in the same email address you used for your purchase. We'll then send you an email containing a "magic" link. Click th

Register your barcode

Register your kit online before you mail it back! We cannot process your sample until you register your kit.

Collect your saliva sample

Do not eat, drink, brush your teeth, or smoke for 30 minutes before providing your sample!*Pro-tip: leave your Bristle Box on your nightstand and collect your sample right when you wake up. Open your Bristle Box and make sure you have all of the cont

Share your results

Sharing your results is easy - and completely in your control. Bristle allows you to add authorized users to your results! These users can be dentists, hygienists, physicians, nutritionists, your friends... anyone in your oral health support system.