Collect your saliva sample
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Do not eat, drink, brush your teeth, or smoke for 30 minutes before providing your sample!
*Pro-tip: leave your Bristle Box on your nightstand and collect your sample right when you wake up

Open your Bristle Box and make sure you have all of the contents you need: 2 tubes with a blue cap, 1 funnel, 1 clear ziplock bag, and 1 mailer envelope with a shipping label attached.

Take out one of the tubes with a blue cap - this is where you'll be collecting your saliva sample

Take out the funnel and unwrap it from the packaging

Unscrew the blue cap from the tube - this is where you'll be collecting your saliva sample. Be careful not to spill the clear liquid inside

Take your funnel and push the narrow end down into the tube's opening (about a quarter of an inch). The funnel should feel secure and stay in the tube on its own.

Spit into the funnel so that your saliva falls into the tube. Fill the tube with saliva halfway.
*Pro-tip: if you're having trouble getting enough saliva, try thinking of lemons or use the scratch n' sniff stickers on the back of your welcome card! You can also try closing your mouth and not swallowing for 30-60 seconds, then spitting into the funnel.

At this point, the tube with the blue cap should now contain your saliva, the buffer, and have the funnel still attached.

Carefully remove the funnel from the tube and seal it with the blue cap.

Invert the tube with the blue cap 5-10 times


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