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Sharing your results is easy - and completely in your control. Bristle allows you to add authorized access to your results! This can be your dentist, hygienist, physician, nutritionist, your friends... anyone in your oral health support system. We want to empower you to discuss your oral health with whoever you can.

Authorizing access provides access to your results only. They will not have access to other account information, including your survey. Authorized access does not allow barcode registration through your account or any actions outside of viewing your results.


  1. Login to your dashboard at

  2. Once you access the dashboard, click the "Share results with your healthcare provider" option

  3. Under "Add a new authorized user" enter the email address of the person you are sharing your results with

    • Confirm by clicking "Add user"

  4. That's it! You can revoke access for authorized users anytime by logging into your dashboard, viewing your active authorized users, and clicking "revoke access"

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