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I'm not receiving a link to login through my email
I'm not receiving a link to login through my email
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If you are not receiving an email like the one below to log in, start by checking the following:

  1. Double-check that you're using the same email address as the one you used when you purchased the test

    • Your login email is linked when you purchase your test. If there is a typo or if you used a different email address (such as one for work) then our system will not provide a login link. This is done to ensure security in accessing your dashboard and results. If you can't remember the email you used, try searching for "Bristle" in your email to see if messages pop up around your order.

    • Sometimes, certain software services will mask your email. Make sure this setting is turned off when you are logging into Bristle or make sure everything looks correct before you press "continue."

  2. Perform a quick search in your email to make sure that the login link didn't end up in a spam or other folder

    • Our dashboard uses a unique email address and sometimes your email won't recognize this email address and will send the login link to spam. Check your spam folder or search for our dashboard email address [email protected]. To prevent this in the future you can add the previous email address as a contact in your email!

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